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BBC – Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience: Season 8 (2018) Episode 2 Festival Chef

BBC Rhod Gilberts Work Experience Series 8 2of4 Festival Chef

Rhod Gilbert tries his hand at some proper jobs.

Part 1: Classical Musician
Rhod Gilbert tries his hand at being a classical musician with the help of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. There is only one problem – he is not a musician. As he fumbles his way around the instruments to work out which suits him best, the orchestra reveal that they want him to perform with them at the iconic Last Night of the Proms – whether he is hitting the right notes or not.

Part 2: Festival Chef
Rhod Gilbert is not known for his culinary abilities, in fact most of his meals are prepared in the microwave. So how will he cope when he launches his very own fusion food at a busy festival, where he must learn how to mass cater from the confines of a small tent? Will his innovative cuisine blow the minds of the food connoisseurs, or will he just poison them?

Part 3: Cabin Crew
Rhod Gilbert gets a mile-high challenge as he joins the ranks of an airline cabin crew. From service with a smile to dealing with in-flight emergencies, Rhod is far from a natural at the role. How will the long haul passengers cope with his elbow-crunching trolley driving and miserable approach to customer service?

Part 4: Navy
Rhod Gilbert is joining the navy, but that is not good news for a bloke who struggles with seasickness. As he is dunked in at the deep end with the rigorous Royal Navy training regime, can he stay afloat? For Rhod, it is all hands on deck for a chance to take the helm of one of Her Majesty’s warships, but as he struggles with all the navy know-how, he takes a crash course in marine navigation all too literally.

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