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BBC – Reggie Yates: Extreme UK (2015) 1of3 Gay And Under Attack

BBC Reggie Yates Extreme UK Series 1 1of3 Gay And Under Attack
Reggie Yates: Extreme UK
Being a British guy in 2015 is not easy, and in this series Reggie Yates travels to the extreme edge of modern British masculinity, to discover that 21st-century pressures are changing the way we live, the way we love, and even the way we look.

A.Attack201 Part 1: Gay and under Attack
In the first film, Reggie is shocked to discover that, for young black and Asian gays and transsexuals, their harshest critics – and persecutors – often come from their own communities, or even their own families. Whether it’s young Muslims threatened with exorcism, or West African Christian parents ostracising their own gay kids, religion plays a part in the story. But Reggie also wants to find out why so few gay men of colour are visible at events like Gay Pride, given the special cultural problems they already face.

A.Attack2022 Part 2: Men at War
In the second film, Reggie meets the angry young British men who think feminism has gone too far- and some of the women who have felt their wrath, on an internet tailor-made for anti-feminism, and trolls. From young guys espousing men’s rights at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, to the underground movement of male separatists of MGTOW (or Men Going Their Own Way), Reggie also encounters infamous self-styled pick-up artist Roosh V, who dishes out advice on how to have more sex with women – but doesn’t seem to like them very much.

A.Attack202 Part 3: Dying for a Six Pack
Reggie investigates the extreme ways in which male body culture is impacting on young British guys – from extreme exercise to invasive plastic surgery and even steroid abuse. As Reggie embarks on his own challenge to get into shape he asks what it’s all for and follows the story from a private hospital in Istanbul to a lock-up in the Midlands and beyond.

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