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BBC – Reggie in China: Season 1 (2019) 2of3 City of Dreams

Reggie in China Series 1 2of3 City of Dreams
Reggie in China: Series 1
Reggie Yates discovers contemporary China, diving deep into four megacities in search of the new generations transforming their future.

Part 1: The City of the Future
In the first episode in the series, Reggie visits Shenzhen – Chinas ‘miracle city. The entire region used to be farmland and fishing villages, home to just 30,000 people. But in just four decades, it has become a teeming metropolis of over 12 million, and the epicentre of Chinas tech revolution. They say if you want to see the future of the human race, you have to come here.

Part 2: City of Dreams
In the second of three episodes, Reggie visits Beijing, the capital of China, home to President Xi Jinping. Reggie wants to understand President Xis background, and how his turbulent upbringing in the shadow of Chairman Mao and the Communist party informs his ideals and the relationship between Communism and capitalism under his presidency.

Part 3: East Meets West
In the final episode of the series, Reggie visits Shanghai, Chinas largest city, and Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, to explore the fault line between modern day Chinese culture and strict censorship rules imposed by the government that are subject to change at a moments notice.

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