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BBC – Realms of the Russian Bear (1992) 6of6 Born of Fire

BBC Realms of the Russian Bear 6of6 Born of Fire

A series on the wildlife and landscapes of the former Soviet Union, presented by Nikolai Drozdov, who was awarded the Golden Panda Award (which is called the “Green Oscar”) for this work.

Part 1: Green Jewel of the Caspian
This episode shows the verdant beauty of the wetlands surrounding the Caspian Sea.

Part 2: The Celestial Mountains
Creatures of the USSR’s remote mountains ranges, high deserts & inhospitable soda lakes.

Part 3: The Red Deserts
The arid central deserts of the former USSR, & the animals that live in these harsh lands.

Part 4: The Arctic Frontier
The Arctic tundra bursts into life in summer, a bounty of flowers, birds & grazing herds.

Part 5: Siberia the Frozen Forest
Siberia has temperatures of -70C and is home to Baikal, the world’s oldest, deepest lake.

Part 6: Born of Fire
Russia’s Far East is home to a plethora of fauna, from sea eagles to Siberian tigers.

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