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BBC – Queen Victoria’s Children (2012) 3of3 Princes Will Be Princes

Queen Victoria's Children 3of3 Princes Will Be Princes
Documentary exploring the reign of the monarch through her relationships with her husband and their children, using letters, diaries, memoirs and journals to bring the subject and characters to life. Gain a new understanding of Britain’s longest reigning Queen with this fascinating series which explores Queen Victoria’s life through stories of the personal relationships between her, her husband Albert the Prince Consort and their nine children.

BBC - Queen Victoria's Children (2012) Part 1: The Best Laid Plans
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert shared a passionate marriage but historians claim that behind closed doors their domestic life was a battlefield. Spanning 60 years, this family saga tells a tale of manipulation, conflict, intimidation, emotional blackmail and fevered attempts by Victoria’s children to escape the clutches of their domineering and needy mother.

BBC - Queen Victoria's Children (2012) Part 2: A Domestic Tyrant
After Albert’s death, Victoria’s relationship with her daughters became oppressive. She both clung to and bullied the girls, and arranged their marriages. In response, the Princesses fought back, determined to become independent and find their own love and purpose. From sculpture to medicine, the daughters became champions of women for a new era.

BBC - Queen Victoria's Children (2012) Part 3: Princes Will be Princes
The final chapter centres on Victoria’s relationship with her sons. It explores her difficult rapport with their eldest son Bertie, who she blamed and resented for Albert’s death. Victoria also had a problematic relationship with her son Leopold, the physically weak but spirited hemophiliac who put up the most determined effort to break free from his mother’s control. Ultimately, the idea of Monarchy based on purity is put to the test as the philandering Bertie comes to the throne.

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