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BBC Panorama – Trump’s First 100 Days (2017)

BBC Panorama 2017 Trumps First 100 Days

We’re getting used to seeing a new Trump headline every day – or even several times a day. But we’re all still clueless about what to expect next. A missile strike on Syria from an avowed America first president?

As the unpredictable president approaches his milestone hundredth day in office, Jeremy Paxman crosses the US for a wry and searching examination of the whirlwind past three months. He’ll attempt to make sense of the Trump agenda – and ask if it even makes sense to the man himself.

Jeremy digs into the stories behind Trump’s most controversial policies – visiting the home of North America’s largest mosque to hear Arab-American experiences of the travel ban, and a north California migrant law centre that’s working double-time. Amid the derelict factories of Detroit, he considers Trump’s claims to be restoring America’s economic fortunes.

In Washington DC, Jeremy unpicks the phenomenon of fake news, and the consequences of Trump’s self-declared ‘war’ on Washington itself. Grassroots critics and diehard cheerleaders tell us why they believe America will never be the same again. And senior figures from across the political divide – from Democrat deputy Senate leader Dick Durbin, Trump ally Ted Malloch, and former secretary of labour Robert Reich – share personal insights into Trump’s White House and its new master.

Jeremy asks what America – and the world – will look like after four years of Trump, and wonders if America’s unlikely president might even have his sights set on four more.

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