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BBC – Pain Pus and Poison: Series 1 (2013) 3of3 Poison

Pain Pus and Poison Series 1 3of3 Poison
Pain Pus and Poison: Series 1
From a simple aspirin tablet to specially grown antibiotics, we’ve used science to combat, pains and bellyaches.

Part 1: Pain
Pain is all in the brain, to fight the pain our brains release natural painkillers. The problem is they aren’t enough.

Part 2: Pus
Infectious diseases such as the Black Death and even our common enemy “The Flu” can kill. Fighting these killers is an ongoing battle, as each infection adapts to outwit our defenses.

Part 3: Poison
Poisons in the natural world kill thousands of people every year. Yet some poisons are now being used to improve the way we look!

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