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BBC Our Lives – Pink Dreams (2020)

BBC Our Lives 2020 Pink Dreams

Fifty-seven-year-old grandmother Lorraine Colville came to singing late in life. But her tribute act to US megastar Pink, 20 years her junior, has set Lorraine free.

Pink Dreams explores what it takes to spend your life trying to be someone else, the sheer thrill of performing on stage in front of hundreds of adoring fans, but also the challenges and demands on Lorraine.

Just like her idol, Lorraine had a troubled early life. From battling teenage anorexia to feeling trapped by society’s expectations of what a young mother should be and do, Lorraine spent the first 50 years of her life struggling to find a voice that she could call her own.

But ironically performing as Pink has allowed Lorraine to discover her own voice. She feels empowered now and wants to live her life as an example to her three grandchildren, encouraging them never to feel trapped or limited the way that she did.

Pink Dreams follows Lorraine and her husband Stevie as 2020 looks likely to be their busiest year yet, until Covid-19 and lockdown.

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