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BBC – Nigel Slater’s Middle East: Season 1 (2018) Episode 1 Lebanon

BBC Nigel Slaters Middle East Series 1 1of3 Lebanon
Nigel Slaters Middle East: Series 1
Nigel Slater explores the Middle East, cooking and eating with the people of Lebanon, Turkey and Iran, as he discovers the secrets of the world’s oldest cuisines.

BBC - Nigel Slater's Middle East: Series 1 (2018) Part 1: Lebanon
His first stop, Lebanon, exemplifies Levantine cuisine but is also influenced by its position on the Mediterranean. The flavours, colours and fragrances of the region have travelled the globe but Nigel sets out to eat and cook with the people who make the dishes every day – home cooks. Nigel also explores the landscapes and ingredients, which define the recipes and dishes that have been passed on through generations.

BBC - Nigel Slater's Middle East: Series 1 (2018) Part 2: Turkey
Nigel Slater continues his Middle Eastern culinary adventure by visiting Turkey, home to one of the world’s grandest cuisines. Travelling from the bustling megacity of Istanbul to the rural heartlands of central Anatolia, and through the mountains of the Black Sea, Nigel discovers a vast and varied landscape, rich with tradition and local flavour.

BBC - Nigel Slater's Middle East: Series 1 (2018) Part 3: Iran
Nigel Slater’s Middle Eastern food adventure concludes by visiting a country shrouded in mystery and often in the headlines – Iran. Here Nigel sets out to discover the secrets of Persian food, one of the oldest and most influential cuisines in the world. He begins his journey in the bustling capital Tehran, from here, Nigel ventures north to the shores of the Caspian Sea to meet fishermen who once fished for the famous beluga caviar but who now have to find other income sources since sturgeon stocks have declined. Nigel also explores the varied landscape and harvests pomegranates and saffron,

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