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BBC Natural World – Titus: The Gorilla King (2008)

BBC Natural World 2008 Titus The Gorilla King

Abandoned as a baby, removed from normal gorilla family life as a youngster – so profound were the misfortunes that Titus suffered in his early years that no gorilla scientist could have predicted his eventual rise to power. His moving life story is pieced together here for the first time, based on archive film and the memories of field workers who have studied the mountain gorillas since Dian Fossey’s pioneering work more than 40 years ago. At 33 years of age, Titus is not just one of the most powerful silverbacks in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, he is possibly the most remarkable gorilla ever known. His life story is as full of drama, intrigue and tragedy as any human soap opera. Against a stunning backdrop of misty volcanic peaks cloaked in bamboo and giant lobelia, Titus has successfully steered his family group through thick and thin. Now he is under pressure again. With his ally-turned-rival Kuryama jockeying for position, is the final chapter in Titus’s extraordinary reign about to occur?

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