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BBC Natural World: Collection 1 (1987) Spirits of the Forest

BBC Natural World Collection 1 1987 Spirits of the Forest

9 breathtaking episodes from the BBC’s multi award-winning series.
Regarded by the BBC as its flagship natural history series, The Natural World was originally conceived as The World About Us” by Sir David Attenborough back in 1967 and the series has remained popular ever since.

It is the longest-running documentary in its genre on British television, with nearly 500 episodes broadcast since its inception in 1983. Natural World programmes are typically one-off films that take an in-depth look at particular natural history events, stories or subjects from around the globe.
David Attenborough has maintained a close association with Natural World throughout its long history, narrating or presenting around 50 episodes to date.

1985 – City Of Coral 524MB 1448 kb/s 640*480
1985 – Kingdom of the Ice Bear The Frozen Ocean 742MB 1770 kb/s 704*528
1985 – Wild Ireland 378MB 940 kb/s 608*448
1987 – Spirits of the Forest 610MB 1500 kb/s 720*400
1994 – Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon 475MB 1175 kb/s 640*480
1995 – The Riddle of the Sands 400MB 1075kb/s 688*400
1996 – Himalaya 744MB 1933 kb/s 704*528
1997 – People of the Sea 318MB 768 kb/s 640*480
1998 – Vanishing Pools of the Zambezi 475MB 1175 kb/s 640*480

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