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BBC Natural World – Amazon the Flooded Forest (1989) 1of2

BBC Natural World Amazon The Flooded Forest 1of2 1989

The Amazonian rainforest, flooded by up to ten metres of water each year, is one of the world’s last wetland frontiers and our planet’s most diverse and mysterious ecosystem. A magical, submerged world and the greatest river system on Earth, these huge flood plains are home to many beautiful and remarkable creatures – living reminders of its long and complex past.

Part 1: Part One
The forest floor is flooded, primitive boto dolphins weave through the tree trunks, arowhanas (“water-monkeys”) spring from the water to snatch food from the trees. In the canopy above lives the strangest monkey in the world, the white-furred uakari.

Part 2: Part Two
When the river levels drop and the forest drains, tens of thousands of fish are forced to retreat and abandon their shrinking habitat. In the dry season insects are abundant near the forest floor, huge numbers of giant river turtles come to nest on the beaches, crowded aquatic life takes on a totally different nature.

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