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BBC – My Astonishing Self: George Bernard Shaw (2018)

BBC My Astonishing Self George Bernard Shaw

Gabriel Byrne explores the life, works and passions of George Bernard Shaw, a giant of world literature, and – like Byrne – an emigrant Irishman with the outsider’s ability to observe, needle and puncture.

With Ireland in his heart, he made England his home and London his stage. His insight was ageless – his ideas still resonate almost 70 years after his death. He is one of only two people to have ever been awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar.

Gabriel Byrne sees Shaw as a revolutionary – a literary anarchist. Sharing Shaw’s perspective as an ‘artistic exile’, Byrne explores Shaw’s radical and unapologetic political thinking, and his unwavering ability to charm and satirise the establishment that so adored him. It is the story of the most relevant thinker, artist and literary genius Ireland ever produced.

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