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BBC – Miriam’s Dead Good Adventure (2019)

BBC Miriams Dead Good Adventure

Chapter 1:
Miriam Margolyes explores mortality, visiting a home for dementia patients and meeting a scientist in the US who claims that technology will soon provide a cure for the ageing process. She attends a festival in California for people determined to prolong their lives by any means, and discovers that laughter may help people to live longer and stay healthier.

Chapter 2:
Miriam Margolyes questions if it is ever possible to be ready for death, helping a terminal cancer patient to plan her wake, and building her own personalised flatpack coffin with a support group for people facing death. She also meets a doctor who uses tranquilisers to treat terminal patients’ anxiety and a rapper with bowel and liver cancer who refuses to give up on life. Plus, a representative of the right to die movement explains why he believes all rational people over 50 have the right to end their lives, and reveals his invention to make this easier.

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