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BBC – Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets (2017) 3of4 Powderham Castle

Mary Berrys Country House Secrets Series 1 3of4 Powderham Castle
Mary Berry’s: Country House Secrets
In this series, Mary Berry discovers the rich history of our nation’s greatest stately homes through the prism of food.

BBC - Mary Berry's: Country House Secrets (2017) Part 1: Highclere Castle
Mary visits Highclere Castle, the real-life Downton Abbey, home to the eighth Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and renowned as the setting for some of the most lavish and influential weekend house parties in history. Mary discovers what it takes to keep a home like this going in today’s world,

BBC - Mary Berry's: Country House Secrets (2017) Part 2: Scone Palace
Mary visits Scone Palace, the crowning place of Scottish kings and the epicentre of Scottish history, where she is invited to help Lady Mansfield prepare for a special dinner with traditional Scottish reeling in the palace where Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were once amused. Mary enjoys salmon fishing on the family’s private stretch of the Tay, and the regal pastime of Highland deer stalking with William, the future Earl of Mansfield,

BBC - Mary Berry's: Country House Secrets (2017) Part 3: Powderham Castle
In this edition, Mary Berry visits Powderham Castle in Devon, to spend time with the Earl and Countess of Devon and their two young children. Known as Charlie and AJ, the newest generation of one of Britain’s oldest families are taking up the challenge of running a great stately home, reinventing the castle and the Earldom for the 21st century.

BBC - Mary Berry's: Country House Secrets (2017) Part 4: Goodwood House
Mary visits Goodwood House, home to the March family and a long line of innovators in the fields of sport and farming. Famous for iconic horse racing and motoring events, Mary is taken on a thrilling lap of the Goodwood motor circuit by Lord March, in a car designed by his grandfather, and invited to one of his infamous dinner parties where 300 dine in style in the splendid state rooms.

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