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BBC – Marc Bolan: Cosmic Dancer (2017)

BBC Marc Bolan Cosmic Dancer

This intimate biography, narrated in Marc Bolan’s own words, traces his remarkable journey from Hackney’s ‘king of the mods’ to Tyrannosaurus Rex, as he evolved into the artist known as ‘the hippie with a knife up his sleeve’.

With the dawn of the 1970s and the breakup of The Beatles, Bolan became the gender-bending glam rocker whose band T. Rex revitalised the British music scene. But director Jeremy Marre – incorporating unseen movies shot by record producer Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan himself – reveals a far more complex and driven figure whose life was tragically cut short, aged 29.

Featuring those who were closest to Marc, his friends, colleagues, family, partner Gloria Jones and producer Tony Visconti.

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