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BBC – Louis Theroux’s Altered States: Season 1 (2018) Episode 2 Choosing Death

BBC Louis Theroux Altered States Series 1 2of3 Choosing Death
Louis Theroux: Altered States Series 1
The high priest of acutely angled documentaries returns with a new Series

Part 1: Love Without Limits
The documentary-maker explores the changing face of US culture, beginning with a look at a movement in Portland, Oregon, that seeks to broaden how the world views marriage in a time of rising divorce rates, suggesting that monogamy is not essential and that polyamorous or open relationships can be equally fulfilling. However, while Louis meets many who have found happiness with multiple partners, he also discovers tales of heartbreak and jealousy.

Part 2: Choosing Death
Louis Theroux visits California, one of six states in the US where the terminally ill have the right to end their own lives. He investigates the moral and legal issues surrounding this situation, meeting people who have made the choice to die, but now need to decide when, as well as a group that helps people who do not fit the legal criteria.

Part 3: Take My Baby
This week Louis casts a concerned eye over Americas “open adoption” business, in which private agencies connect would-be parents with pregnant mothers who are prepared to give up their babies. Its hard to think of a tougher decision a prospective mother could make, and in the case of 20-year-old Jessica it has huge ramifications for her own parents

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