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BBC – Jocky Wilson Said (2019)

BBC Jocky Wilson Said

In 1989, Jocky Wilson was crowned world darts champion for the second time. Featuring rare archive footage and told in his own words, this is the story of the rise and fall of a cult Scottish sporting hero.

Known for his heavy drinking and unorthodox throwing style, Jocky was propelled to fame through a sport that went from pub pastime to mass entertainment. Darts took him from the dole queue in Kirkcaldy and made him one of the most recognisable faces in the country.

Everything was on offer for a skilled arrowsmith; fame, glory and a potential fortune. But for the cheeky lad from The Lang Toun with the enigmatic smile, lasting riches were somehow beyond his reach. Poor choices, a love of a drink and bad management meant Jocky left the sport penniless.

In 1995, he abandoned the game and returned to the same council estate, in the same town, near the same pub where his incredible journey to stardom began.

Following his humble upbringing, his onwards rise to national treasure and sad descent, ‘Jocky Wilson Said’ features exclusive interviews with his friends and darts contemporaries such as Bobby George, John Lowe and Phil Taylor – this is the complicated, bitter-sweet story of a Scottish folk hero, Jocky Wilson.

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