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BBC – James May The Reassembler: Series 2 Food Mixer (2016)

BBC James May The Reassembler Series 2 Food Mixer

James May: The Reassembler: Series 2 Food Mixer
When it comes to cooking James May is not the first name that comes to mind, but when it comes to reassembling cooking appliances, James is your man.
James reassembles the 135 parts that make up a 1960s Kenwood Chef A701a Food Mixer. This literal food revolution is responsible for mixing more cake batter than Mary Berry has mixed in her entire lifetime.
On James’s journey to reassembling the food mixer he comes face to face with some mind-boggling components that will all come together to work in unison in the hope of making a chocolate cake mix. From reassembling the planetary gear system and the AC electric motor James muses on the imperial measurement system and shows off his trendy new magnification head gear as he attempts some dreaded soldering.

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