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BBC – Iolo’s Brecon Beacons (2016) 3of4 Summer

BBC Iolos Brecon Beacons 3of4 Summer

Iolo Williams explores the magic of the Brecon Beacons over the seasons.

Part 1: Winter
In this edition, he braves a blizzard on the high peaks while the lowlands continue to be sunny. On the snowy slopes, foxes look for food, while the ruthless Scandinavian hunter, the great grey shrike, looks for animals to eat. Cormorants congregate to fish on reservoirs, some birds begin breeding on the River Usk and red deer hide in secluded gullies in one of the wildest locations in the Beacons.

Part 2: Spring
This edition charts the changes wrought by spring, when the nesting season goes into full swing. While hundreds of dotterel take a rest on the Black Mountains during their journey from Africa to their breeding sites in Scotland, peregrines are already nesting in an old quarry in the central Beacons. Next to the largest natural lake in south Wales, water voles manage their ditches. Iolo Williams explores the most crooked church in Britain and an old gunpowder works and finds that a 300-year-old stone wall reveals the history of this magnificent landscape.

Part 3: Summer
This edition covers the busy summer season. Iolo is in the Black Mountain foothills as shepherds gather sheep and a group of dedicated volunteers try to repair a mountain. He also uncovers ancient botanical cures and old steam railways.

Part 4: Autumn
Iolo finds himself in the midst of a flock of thousands of fieldfares arriving from Europe to escape the colder continent, examining how they gorge themselves on berries in trees surrounding the smallest church in Wales. In the Usk Valley, bats feed before they hibernate in caves, and migrating ducks gather on Talybont Reservoir, ready for winter. Underground, cave spiders lurk, while sea trout head upstream to spawn in the rivers.

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