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BBC – Inside The Factory: Series 4 Christmas 2018

BBC Inside the Factory Christmas 2018

Inside The Factory: Christmas 2018

Chocolates are an essential part of many people’s festive celebrations. In this Christmas special, Gregg Wallace visits a factory which produces a staggering two million tins of festive chocolate assortments a year. At materials intake he receives 20 of liquid chocolate at 50 degrees Celsius.
Meanwhile, Cherry Healey is producing other festive treats. She travels to Germany – the home of so many of our Christmas traditions – where she joins a crew of 35 ornament decorators applying glitter and paint to an army of glass Santas.
Historian Ruth Goodman is on the trail of the Christmas turkey. It’s a tradition that begins way back in the 16th century when these birds were first introduced from Mexico. But at the equivalent of 450 per bird, only the richest could afford them

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