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BBC – Inside the Factory: Series 3 (2017) Fish Fingers

BBC Inside The Factory Series 3 Fish Fingers

Inside the Factory Series 3: Fish Fingers
Gregg Wallace explores the Grimsby factory that processes 165 tonnes of fish a week and produces 80,000 cod fish fingers every day. Cod arrives at the factory as compressed blocks of frozen fish. The blocks weigh exactly 7.484 kilos, which is a standardised measure in every fish factory right across the world. Gregg watches as each block is cut into 168 naked fish fingers which are then floured, battered and breaded, ready for a quick 45-second trip through the fryer
Meanwhile, Cherry Healey travels to Grindavik in Iceland where they land up to 50 tonnes of cod a day. She follows the fish through the processing factory,
Historian Ruth Goodman is investigating the origins of cod fish fingers. She finds that Bird’s Eye were the first to introduce them to the UK, basing them on a US product called fish sticks.

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