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BBC – Inside Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil (2019) 1of3 We Quit

BBC Inside Europe Ten Years of Turmoil Series 1 1of3 We Quit
Inside Europe Ten Years of Turmoil: Series 1
For the first time, Europe’s presidents and prime ministers take us behind closed doors to reveal how, in crisis after crisis, they fought to preserve their union.

Part 1: We Quit
For the first time on television, David Camerons top advisers – including George Osborne and William Hague – reveal the discussions that led to the decision for which Cameron will go down in history: to hold an in/out referendum.

Part 2: Going for Broke
Europes leaders and top advisers reveal how the near bankruptcy of Greece threatened the euro itself – and how they battled against the clock to save the single currency.

Part 3: Unstoppable
Europes leaders and their top advisers reveal how the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants on Europes shores plunged the European Union into turmoil.

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