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BBC – In The Footsteps of St. Peter (2015) 2of2

St Peter 2of2
Join actor David Suchet as he traces the footsteps of one of the most important figures in early Christianity, the man we know as St. Peter. In this major two-part documentary series produced for the BBC, Suchet travels from Peter’s humble Galilean birthplace to Jerusalem, where a terrified Peter denies his beloved friend and teacher on the eve of the crucifixion. Encounter Peter’s miraculous post-resurrection transformation, discover the role Peter played in keeping the early church from splintering, and explore the question, what happened to Peter after he mysteriously vanished from the biblical account?

BBC - In The Footsteps of St Peter (2015) Part 1: Rome
He begins at the end, in Rome, where Peter also met his end, crucified upside down. Is there any evidence that Peter was eventually martyred in Rome as the first pope of the Roman Catholic church? But how could a man who had previously been painted as an impetuous and confused character fill the shoes of such a charismatic leader?

BBC - In The Footsteps of St Peter (2015) Part 2: Jerusalem
David Suchet continues to trace the life of the man we know today as Saint Peter. According to the New Testament, it is Peter who takes charge of the movement after the death of Jesus. Here he sees the feeding of 5,000 tourists with fried Galilee tilapia, otherwise known as Saint Peter’s fish.

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