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BBC – How to Grow a Planet: Season 1 (2012) 2of3 The Power Of Flowers

BBC How To Grow A Planet Series 1 2of3 The Power Of Flowers
How To Grow A Planet: Series 1
In this series Professor Iain Stewart tells a stunning new story about our planet. He reveals how the greatest changes to the Earth have been driven, above all, by plants.

BBC - How to Grow a Planet: Series 1 (2012) Part 1: Life From Light
In this first episode Iain journeys from the spectacular caves of Vietnam to the remote deserts of Africa. He sees how plants first harnessed light from the sun and created our life-giving atmosphere. He uncovers the epic battle between the dinosaurs and the tallest trees on the planet. And, using remarkable imagery, he shows plants breathing – and for the first time talking to each other.

BBC - How to Grow a Planet: Series 1 (2012) Part 2: The Power of Flowers
In the second episode, Iain discovers how flowers have transformed our planet. He journeys to the remote islands of the South Pacific to track down the earliest flowers. In the deserts of Africa and rainforests of Vietnam, he sees how they brought brilliant colour to the most barren landscapes and sculpted the earth itself. And he learns how they drove the evolution of all animals – kick-starting our human story.

BBC - How to Grow a Planet: Series 1 (2012) Part 3: The Challenger
In the third episode, Iain discovers the remarkable impact of just one plant: grass. On the savannah of South Africa he sees how grass unleashed a firestorm to fight its greatest enemy, the forests. He shows how cutting your finger on a blade of grass shows us how it transformed life in the oceans. In Senegal, he meets the cleverest chimps in the world. And, in the ruins of the oldest temple on Earth, he tells the extraordinary story of how grass triggered human civilisation.

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