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BBC – Hidden Wales (2018) 2of3

BBC Hidden Wales with Will Millard 2of3

Will Millard discovers Wales’s hidden history by exploring forgotten, secret and almost inaccessible locations that show the country as it has never been seen before.

Part 1:
He begins his tour in the north of the country, uncovering long-unseen historical gems including the biggest abandoned slate mine in the world, a forgotten mansion concealed in a wood, a decommissioned nuclear power station and a Victorian invention lying at the bottom of the sea.

Part 2:
Will continues his tour around Wales, visting both mid-Wales and the west of the country to uncover historical gems including a lead mine that is thousands of years old, a cave with a scary entrance, an abandoned sea fort and a derelict mental asylum.

Part 3:
Will completes his tour around Wales in the south of the country, uncovering historical gems including the resting place of early man, a lost medieval city, a forgotten prisoner-of-war camp and an abandoned coke works.

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