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BBC – Handmade in Bolton (2019)

BBC Handmade in Bolton

Dr Janina Ramirez and reformed forger Shaun Greenhalgh work to recreate ancient works of art.

Ch1. Visigothic Brooch
Beginning with a jeweled eagle brooch fit for a Visigoth chieftain. They visit an animal sanctuary in Lancashire to draw inspiration a close-up encounter with a bird of prey – but sourcing authentic materials proves tricky.

Ch2. Nottingham Alabaster
Shaun makes an alabaster carving of the kind mass-produced in Catholic England in the centuries before the Reformation.

Ch3. Palissy Plate
Shaun makes a Renaissance animal plate of the type invented by Bernard Palissy. The 16th-century French potter used live reptiles and other animals on his ceramic ware, but for Shaun, killing grass snakes in Lancashire is not an option. So how can he source some examples for his moulds?

Ch4. Rock Crystal Bottle
Shaun carves an Islamic bottle out of rock crystal in the style of the 10th-century Egyptian Fatimids. Rock crystal is notoriously fragile and sourcing the right quantities of it is almost impossible, but the real problems begin when the carving is finished.

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