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BBC – Greek Myths True Stories: Season 1 (2010) Part 2

BBC Greek Myths True Stories Part 2
Greek Myths True Stories: Series 1
Greek myths – from Hercules to Adonis – have seeped into our lives, providing inspiration and sources for plots from Hamlet to Happy Days.

Part 1: Greek Myths True Stories
Robin Lane Fox begins with the lost empire of Turkey whose myths of creation influenced the Greeks. In Crete, he visits the birthplace of the supreme Greek God, Zeus, and at Delphi he pinpoints the moment when Euboean tales were transformed into the great poetry of Hesiod and Homer.

Part 2: Greek Myths True Stories
Robin Lane Fox concentrates on the titanic battles of the Greek gods against giants and monsters. And he shows how the Greeks’ very idea of divinity was shaped by the landscapes of the Mediterranean by revealing the stories, people, journeys and topography that provided the source material.

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