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BBC – Great Bear Stakeout (2013) 1of2

BBC Great Bear Stakeout 1of2

There are wonderful moments in this up-close portrait of life for grizzly bears in Alaska, narrated by Billy Connolly. A team of guides and film-makers lived alongside the bears for five months and captured some brutal dramas of survival and courtship.

Part 1:
We meet Parsnip, a first-time grizzly mum, and her young cub, Pushki. Only half of new bear cubs make it through the season, and they are both struggling to survive in this vast Alaskan wilderness. This area is ruled by a massive male bear, Van, and his partner Alice, a prized female bear with an aggressive and sinister side. Hungry adult bears will kill cubs, so Parsnip’s summer is full of unexpected adventure; she must escape Van’s clutches and learn from her mistakes if she and her cub are to survive the season.

Part 2:
The world-famous salmon run arrives in Alaska. The bears must catch hundreds of these fish if they are to bulk up and survive the harsh winter months. We discover that young grizzly mum Parsnip and her cub Pushki have returned to the bay to feed on the salmon. But predatory adult bears will kill cubs and, with fierce competition, Parsnip must protect her cub and learn the skills of fishing if they are to both make it through hibernation. As winter approaches, life gets more intense, survival gets tougher, and the threats get even greater.

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