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BBC – Grand Tours of Scotland: Series 2 (2011) 2of6 Elemental Beauty

BBC Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 2of6 Elemental Beauty
Presenter Paul Murton returns with a second series of Grand Tours of Scotland to explore the most fascinating parts of the country that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years.

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 1: Crossing the Border
In the Victorian era, tourists poured across the border to explore Scotland’s unique blend of stunning scenery, romantic ruins, myths and legends. This first episode sees Paul board a traditional Gypsy caravan to travel through the borders and up to Glasgow.

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 2: Elemental Beauty
Paul Murton travels from the shores of beautiful Loch Maree, into the wilds of Assynt, and on to the northern most part of mainland Scotland. Paul is braving the weather and making this journey on foot in order to experience nature in all its elemental glory – which sometimes means four seasons in one day!

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 3: Islands of the Clyde
For generations, the Firth of Clyde was a favourite holiday destination for millions of Scots, both rich and poor. In this Grand Tour of Scotland, presenter Paul Murton explores the delights of this famous stretch of water. Here you could enjoy healthy sea breezes – take a dunk in the briny, mess about in boats, enjoy a glass or two of your favourite tipple – or, if you had the money, all of the above at the same time!

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 4: The Charms of Nature
Paul Murton travels by vintage bike through the spectacular scenery of the central Highlands to better appreciate the charms of nature. He starts his adventure in Glen Lyon, then heads north via Pitlochry and ends his trip in the Cairngorms National Park.

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 5: The True Spirit of Scotland
Following a network of now forgotten steamer routes, presenter Paul Murton goes in search of the true spirit of Scotland, travelling from loch to loch in Argyll and then out to Islay. As the steamers left the Scottish lochs years ago, Paul has to literally ‘paddle his own canoe’ – in this case, a beautiful replica of an original Rob Roy canoe from the 1890s – to follow the route.

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland Series 2 (2011) Part 6: In Search of Sunshine
Long before the era of cheap flights and package holidays on the ‘Costa del Sunburn’, most Scots spent their summer holidays by the Scottish seaside. In the last episode of Grand Tours, presenter Paul Murton goes in search of Scottish sunshine. To capture the holiday spirit and to chase the sun, Paul’s travelling by Morris Minor and is following a route up the east coast from Carnoustie to Aberdeen.

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