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BBC – Fighting the Power: Britain after George Floyd (2020)

BBC Fighting the Power Britain after George Floyd

George Floyd’s killing in the US state of Minnesota sparked protests about policing, privilege and a revolution in race relations. Britain boldly presents itself as a beacon of racial tolerance, but with demonstrations sweeping the country, organisers believe that they are closer than ever to changing the way British institutions and individuals treat black people across the UK. There have been multiple campaigns for equality and justice for black British communities in the past, but none quite like this.

The worldwide response to George Floyd’s death has given confidence to a new generation that this time could be different. The people behind the protests in Britain believe that they have the tools, allies, language and technology to create a new reality – but is this country ready to move beyond tolerance, to become an actively anti-racist society? The Windrush scandal, Grenfell and a recent resurgence in far-right terror plots have exposed fault lines across Britain. Now the graphic nature of George Floyd’s death is forcing us all to ask questions about the scale of racism in our communities and to explore what can be done to eliminate it for good.

From Premier League football clubs, to superstar actors like John Boyega, the message is loud and uncompromising: Black Lives Matter. Daniel Henry follows the UK campaign, as the country is forced to look again at its record on race.

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