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BBC – Fake or Fortune? Series 7 (2018) Henry Moore

BBC Fake or Fortune Series 7 Henry Moore

Fake or Fortune? Henry Moore
The team investigate whether a small watercolour sketch could be by the British 20th-century sculptor Henry Moore. It is the only piece thought to be a British artist in a Nazi hoard of around 1,500 works discovered in Germany in 2012. Known as the Gurlitt hoard, it is now housed in the Museum of Fine Art in Bern, Switzerland. Every piece in the hoard has to be researched, as if it was art stolen or looted from Jewish families, it should be returned.
Fiona and Philip need to establish two things – firstly whether this a genuine work by Henry Moore or a whether it is a fake, and secondly, if it is genuine, how did a sketch by a British artist end up in a Nazi art hoard? The answer to this will decide its fate.

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