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BBC – Fake or Fortune: Season 8 (2019) Episode 2 Cosway or Lawrence

BBC Fake Or Fortune Series 8 Part 2 Cosway or Lawrence
Fake or Fortune: Series 8
Fake or Fortune? returns for an eighth series as Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce investigate more thrilling cases of art world mystery, intrigue and deception.

Part 1: The Lost Gainsborough
The team investigate an 18th-century landscape: could it be a lost work by the great British master of landscape painting, Thomas Gainsborough? Philip is intrigued by this painting as its a landscape he recognises. Marks picture looks very much like a famous print by Gainsborough; Meanwhile, Fiona tries to trace the provenance of the picture. Her journey takes her to grand country houses, archives and auction houses up and down the country

Part 2: Cosway or Lawrence?
In this episode, were investigating an 18th-century family portrait of a young man at the prime of his life. Could a chance sighting by Philip have revealed an undiscovered work by the giant of Regency portraiture Sir Thomas Lawrence?

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