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BBC – Fair Isle: Living on the Edge (2016) 2of2

BBC Fair Isle Living on the Edge 2of2
Fair Isle: Living on the Edge
Fair Isle is Britain’s most remote inhabited island, situated halfway between the Shetland and Orkney Islands. It’s an extraordinary place to live. There’s no power at night, no pub and it can be cut off for days at any time of the year.

BBC - Fair Isle: Living on the Edge (2016) Part 1:
Once home to nearly 400 people, today Fair Isle’s population is just 55 – a perilously low number on an island where all essential jobs are carried out by the hard-working community, who are doing everything they can to increase their population and ensure the island’s survival. This intimate two-part series begins with the arrival of a new couple and follows them as they settle in and adapt to island life, and follows a family whose 11-year-old son has to leave home to board at secondary school on mainland Shetland.

BBC - Fair Isle: Living on the Edge (2016) Part 2:
Fair Isle must boost its population if it is to survive. Filmed over a critical year, this intimate series captures the community as they launch their Development Plan with an aim of bringing new families to the isle and bolstering the fragile economy. This final episode continues to follow 11-year-old Ythan and his family as they learn to deal with his homesickness, and reveals if Fair Isle’s newest inhabitants, Shaun and Rachel, have survived their first winter and decided to stay on.

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