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BBC – Extreme Wives with Kate Humble: Season 1 (2017) 2of3 Jerusalem

BBC Extreme Wives with Kate Humble Series 1 2of3 Jerusalem
Extreme Wives with Kate Humble: Series 1
Kate Humble travels to three countries – Kenya, Israel and India – where the roles of women are exceptional, complex and sometimes extreme.

BBC - Extreme Wives with Kate Humble Series 1 (2017) Part 1: Kenya
In the first episode, Kate is in southwest Kenya in the district of Kuria. The Kuria people are polygamous, but what makes this community so fascinating is that they also practice woman-to-woman marriage known as nyumba mboke. Kate is invited to stay with a family headed by a man called Mosenda, who has four wives. She meets his first wife Paulina, and is then introduced to Paulina’s own wives, Lillian and Faith.

BBC - Extreme Wives with Kate Humble Series 1 (2017) Part 2: Israel
In the second episode, Kate tries to access the intensely private Ultra-Orthodox Haredim in Jerusalem. After the Holocaust during World War II, the State of Israel was created to offer sanctuary to the survivors and somewhere where the few remaining Haredim could practice their religious studies freely. Kate knows very little about this community, so she begins in a Haredi area of Jerusalem called Mea She’arim.

BBC - Extreme Wives with Kate Humble Series 1 (2017) Part 3: India
In the third and final episode, Kate is in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya state in north-east India, in search of one of the world’s last remaining matrilineal societies. India has been ranked as one of the hardest places to be a woman, where inequality and arranged marriage are commonplace. But in this remote corner of the country the local Khasi people, who number around 1.75 million, practice a matrilineal way of life where everything including property and the family name is passed down the female line.

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