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BBC – Ellie Undercover: Rent for Sex (2018)

BBC Ellie Undercover Rent for Sex

Ellie Undercover: Rent for Sex
Cases of ‘Rent for Sex in the UK are on the increase, where landlords offer free rooms in their properties in exchange for ‘sexual favours. Investigative journalist Ellie Flynn goes undercover to get a closer look at this issue.
Having seen the staggering amount of ‘Rent for Sex adverts that appear unchecked online, Ellie heads out to discover for herself just how genuine these ads are. Armed with undercover cameras, she meets landlords who post these ads to find out what they really expect in exchange for rent.
The landlords she confronts protest that it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. One tells her she can stay in a log cabin hes built in exchange for a “physical arrangement once a week” stating that its “nothing abnormal, nothing strange” Another tells her the arrangement would be every second day and either oral or penetrative sex.

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