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BBC – Elephant Family and Me (2016) 2of2

BBC Gordon Buchanan Elephant Family and Me 2of2 2016 1080i

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan attempts to gain the trust of a family of African elephants in Kenya to allow him to observe them up close.

Part 1:
Gordon Buchanan tries to gain the trust of a herd of elephants in the wilds of Kenya to film this uniquely intimate portrait of their family life.

Wendy is a teenage elephant mother, struggling to raise her first baby Wiva. Filming them is tough – elephants are one of the most dangerous animals on earth thanks to years of human persecution. With the help of local expert Benjamin Kyalo, Gordon manages to get spectacularly close to the elephants on foot. And he witnesses at first hand the dangers baby Wiva faces growing up in the African bush.

Part 2:
Gordon Buchanan returns to Kenya to follow baby elephant Wiva and her family in the height of the dry season.

The birth of a new baby, Gawa, prompts an extraordinary celebration. But will Wiva be left out in the cold now that there is a new baby in town? Gordon follows the family through the African bush, experiencing the challenges they face in their fight for survival.

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