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BBC – Eight Go Rallying: The Road to Saigon (2018) Season 1 Episode 3 Phnom Penh

BBC Eight Go Rallying The Road to Saigon Series 1 3of4 Phnom Penh
Eight Go Rallying: The Road to Saigon
In an exhilarating four-part series, four celebrity duos put their driving skills and relationships to the test as they join in on a part of the Endurance Rally Association’s Road to Saigon in a fleet of classic cars.

Part 1: Chiang Mai
In the first episode, the celebrity pairs are plunged straight into the busy rush hour of northern Thailand’s biggest city, Chiang Mai, with only an obscure Tulip Map to guide them onto the open roads and up over the phenomenally steep Chae Son Hills. This once-in-a-lifetime experience tests the teams, and their cars, to the limit.

Part 2: Siem Reap
In the second episode of this epic adventure the celebrity duos are back on the road, one way or another, after two of the cars have been taken out of action by the events of the first leg. To avoid getting left behind they must all make a dash for the border, as the whole rally has to pass into Cambodia by early afternoon. Then Noel and Liz and Andi and Miquita must drive into the night on the country’s challenging roads to reach the tourist mecca of Siem Reap.

Part 3: Phnom Penh
In episode three, the teams head towards Phnom Penh at the start of a three-day journey across Cambodia totalling an eyewatering 900 kilometres. The first day of the journey through the rugged countryside is broken up by a pit stop at the official rally lunch stop – a market which sells insects and spiders as snacks. Once in Phnom Penh, Tinchy and Jordan pay a visit to the notorious S21 prison, where thousands of Cambodians were tortured during the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge, while Andi and Miquita and Martin and Shirlie visit the infamous Killing Fields.

Part 4: Saigon
Having made it to the South China Sea all the teams have the finish line in their sights. But with 800km before they reach the chequered flag, anything can happen. The teams travel along Vietnam’s spectacular coastline and through its stunning paddy fields before making a final dash for the closing ceremony in Saigon, but the last day brings the brink of disaster for one unlucky team.

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