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BBC Earth – Walking with Cavemen: Series 1 (2004) 1of2

Walking With Cavemen Series 1 1of2
Walking With Cavemen: Series 1
Follow your family tree all the way back to the first primate ancestors to stand on two legs. See how the first sparks of reason in early humans helped them to adapt in an ever-changing world. The first thing fans of the Walking titles will notice is that this series has a different narrator: Andrew Sachs
Its also 2 parts of 50 minutes, the original BBC release had 4 parts of 26 mins

BBC Earth - Walking with Cavemen: Series 1 (2004) Part 1:
An extraordinary new breed of ape-men called Homo egaster has taken over Africa. They are expert tool makers, food-finders and travelers, but where they differ most from their predecessors is in their communal lifestyle.

BBC Earth - Walking with Cavemen: Series 1 (2004) Part 2:
Journeying millions of years into the past, this episode goes on the trail of Australopithecus afarensis, an ape who took the first step towards modern man. See how bi-pedalism opens the door to an astonishing set of new skills and abilities that change the shape of human life on Earth.

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