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BBC Earth – Hidden India (2016) 3of3 Land of Rivers

BBC Hidden India 3of3 Land of Rivers
Hidden India
A stunning series celebrating the diversity and flavours of the Indian subcontinent travelling from the roof of the world in the north to the great rivers and deserts at its heart and the rainforests of the south. From the Valley of the Flowers nestled in West Himalaya and young turtles hatching on the east coast to India’sone-horned rhinos and the lions of the Gir forest, the sights and sounds of India are unique.

BBC Earth - Hidden India (2016) Part 1: Lands of Change
India is a vast land of seasonal extremes. Monsoon rains flood the land and make it green but once they are gone, heat and drought builds. It is a challenge for the animals but it also fosters an amazing variety of landscapes filled with diverse life. From semi-aquatic rhinos to desert lions, India’s dynamic lands are full of surprises. It also attracts spectacular visitors from afar like the huge flocks of demoiselle cranes.

BBC Earth - Hidden India (2016) Part 2: Land of Mountains
In the second episode; India is a subcontinent surrounded by mountains. We explore the little-known Western Ghats at the edge India’s south. Here are Monsoon hills covered in lush forests and tea gardens which shelter some of the greatest biodiversity in the world. But far to the north lies the mighty Himalayas – so vast they drive the climate by capturing the monsoon winds and protect India from the northern chill. It’s a unique world full of life.

BBC Earth - Hidden India (2016) Part 3: Land of Rivers
In the final episode of “Hidden India, the Ganges is central. This mighty river flows through the heart of the nation, from deep in the Himalayas to the widespread delta mangrove forests and behind the wide blue ocean. She carries valuable nutrients, and irrigates the fertile soil of Asia. Moreover, there is in the wilder parts – far beyond the cities – to discover many hidden nature. Hidden beaches are a haven for tens of thousands of young turtles in mysterious swamps houses playful mudskippers and otter families enjoy themselves in the flowing water.

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