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BBC – Digging for Britain: Series 5 (2016) 2of3 North

BBC Digging for Britain Series 5 2of3 North

Professor Alice Roberts with the very best in British archaeology 2016 – filmed by the archaeologists themselves, straight from the trenches, so you can see each exciting discovery as it happens. The teams then bring their best finds – from skeletons to treasure – back to the Digging for Britain lab, to examine them with Alice and reveal how they are changing the story of Britain.

Part 1: West
Finds include: the lost WWI training trenches on Salisbury Plain; Britain’s first ‘double henge’ – discovered just down the road from Stonehenge – where the evidence suggests our ancestors feasted and made sacred offerings as part of a visit to the ritualistic Stonehenge landscape; and luxury foreign goods discovered at Tintagel, the legendary childhood home of King Arthur.

Part 2: North
Finds include: evidence for the first Roman siege in Britain, including the biggest cache of Roman bullets discovered anywhere; Britain’s most famous monastery – Lindisfarne – rediscovered for the first time since it was violently sacked by the Vikings 1,000 years ago; and the incredible discovery of the ancient Scottish man-made islands that entirely rewrite our understanding of Stone Age tech.

Part 3: East
Finds include: new revelations from ‘Britain’s Pompeii’ – the 3,000-year-old perfectly preserved village in Cambridgeshire – including how our Bronze Age ancestors designed their homes, and their kitchens packed with food and equipment; the theatre where Shakespeare premiered Romeo and Juliet and Henry V, complete with sound effect props and evidence that Shakespeare’s original audience was much rowdier than you might expect; evidence that we may have finally found the location of the Battle of Barnet, the famous Wars of the Roses site where Edward IV defeated Warwick the Kingmaker in a bloody battle that would eventually bring the Tudor dynasty to England’s throne.

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