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BBC – Deadliest Place to Deal (2017)

BBC Deadliest Place To Deal

Deadliest Place to Deal
President Rodrigo Duterte swept to power in the Philippines last June, promising to clean up the country by ‘slaughtering’ anyone involved in
illegal drugs.
In the last eight months a staggering 7000 people have been killed. In this hard-hitting documentary, reporter Livvy Haydock investigates the world’s bloodiest war on drugs.
Meeting relatives of the dead, drug dealers living in fear of their lives and human rights investigators, she uncovers evidence that the police are systematically executing unarmed suspects and then covering up their tracks by planting fake evidence.
Duterte has also urged citizens to “go ahead and kill” those involved with drugs. Over 4,000 killings have been committed by masked vigilantes. One vigilante executioner reveals to Livvy that the police provide him with a list of targets to be eliminated. The film also explores Duterte’s cult-like status in his country. With approval ratings of 80%, the President enjoys extraordinary popularity.

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