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BBC – Countryfile: Summer Diaries (2017) 5of5

BBC Countryfile Summer Diaries 2017 5of5
Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017
Every day this week, John Craven and the Countryfile Diaries team – Keeley Donovan, Jules Hudson, Paul Martin, and Margherita Taylor – bring you the most interesting stories of the season.

BBC - Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017 Part 1: 1
To kick off the series, John enjoys the splendour of Osborne House, Queen Victoria and Albert’s seaside palace on the Isle of Wight. Keeley meets the team searching for natural solutions to a pesky invasive plant species that are a headache to homeowners and cost the UK economy £1.7 billion.

BBC - Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017 Part 2: 2
In today’s programme, Margherita finds out why hayfever is on the rise and what we can do to keep the summer sneezes at bay. Meanwhile, Keeley discovers how wildlife crime is having a devastating effect on our fledgling birds of prey.

BBC - Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017 Part 3: 3
On the show today, Keeley takes the plunge to find out why the RNLI’s latest campaign could save your life if you end up in cold water this summer. Jules is in the Cotswolds discovering how men’s sheds are being used to help tackle rural loneliness.

BBC - Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017 Part 4: 4
Roy Taylor discovers how a landscape laid waste by coal mining has become a wonderful wildlife sanctuary. We’ll be giving you our guide to some of the incredible assortment of weird and wonderful creatures of the sea.

BBC - Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017 Part 5:
In the final episode of the season, Margherita discovers how a secret wartime mission behind enemy lines brought one of our favourite seasonings, garlic, to the Isle of Wight. Keeley learns how a group of dedicated volunteers came to the dramatic rescue of a stranded sunburnt dolphin that was clinging to life. Paul discovers how you too can keep city bees.

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