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BBC – Countryfile: Spring Diaries (2018) Season 3 Episode 5

BBC Countryfile Spring Diaries Series 3 5of5
Countryfile Spring Diaries: Series 3
New series. The return of the programme in which the Countryfile team look at the impact of spring’s arrival around the nation,
Presenter John Craven
Presenter Keeley Donovan
Presenter Paul Martin
Presenter Jules Hudson
Presenter Margherita Taylor

Part 1:
Countryfile spin-off series unveiling the secrets of spring. John Craven is on the Malvern Hills to celebrate their spring beauty and wildlife.

Part 2:
John Craven pays tribute to the Malvern Hills, while Keeley Donovan is in Scotland, investigating how an intruder is destroying the earthworm population.

Part 3:
Margherita Taylor visits Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in north Somerset and John Craven celebrates five of the most wonderful mountain, moor and hill treks and walks.

Part 4:
A hi-tech trial by the ambulance service in the Scottish Highlands using satellite technology to help save lives in an area where patients can be as much as five hours away.

Part 5:
John Craven files his final report from the Malvern Hills and celebrates the survival Warriors of British nature that are staging a fightback.

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