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BBC – Christmas City (2016) 2of5

BBC Christmas City Series 1 2of5

Christmas City
Five-part series presented by Rav Wilding and Hayley Hassall looking at what it takes to deliver a truly special Christmas for shoppers, workers, residents and tourists in Greater Manchester, going behind the scenes to reveal the planning and organisation that goes into making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

Part 1:
Rav finds out what it’s like to be homeless over Christmas. Plus the team hear about a first time stallholder gambling on toasted cheese sandwiches at Manchester Christmas markets and meet a little girl who is bouncing back from cancer treatment.

Part 2:
Rav meets up with a team from a mental health charity who are working on a fantastic line of wooden decorations for the Christmas markets. Plus the team follows the building of a Winter Wonderland on one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings and Hayley joins a team of Trading Standards Officers, as they make sure that the alcohol we get from the shelves really does contain what it says on the bottle.

Part 3:
Hayley follows the journey of a Christmas tree from the Scottish borders to a Manchester living room, we see the work of the licensing authorities making sure taxis are safe over the festive season and Rav joins the Street Angels – volunteers out making sure partygoers get home safely – on a Friday night patrol.

Part 4:
Find out what it takes to keep ahead of the competition in the world of Christmas catering and follow the pupils of Trinity High School as they prepare for their carol service. Rav joins Greater Manchester Police as they patrol the busy streets and the Christmas shopping areas.

Part 5:
What does it take to get Manchester’s most iconic hotel ready for Christmas? Follow the fortunes of a first-time stallholder who has gambled his life savings on a new blanket business, and Hayley meets a lady who is facing a tough first Christmas alone after the loss of her husband of more than 40 years.

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