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BBC – Cardiff: Living on the Streets (2017) 3of3

Cardiff Living on the Streets 3of3
Cardiff: Living on the Streets
For six months the film-makers followed the lives of those with nowhere to go and reveal their desperate and heartbreaking stories

BBC - Cardiff: Living on the Streets (2017) Part 1:
An uncompromising new series follows homeless people in Cardiff. ‘Smurf’ camps in the bushes of a park and reveals his talent for turning junk into amazing inventions. Dean’s health hits crisis point, the result of a decade of alcoholism and sleeping rough.

BBC - Cardiff: Living on the Streets (2017) Part 2:
Twenty-year-old Roshelle has been homeless since she came out of the care system and is losing faith in the agencies that could help her. Caught up in drugs, she decides that prison is a better option than sleeping rough. Rhondda-born Carl discovers his chances of being housed by the council are slim and ends up sleeping in emergency accommodation for five months.

BBC - Cardiff: Living on the Streets (2017) Part 3:
With Christmas fast approaching, Danielle, who has been homeless on and off for 7 years, is struggling to cope. Twenty-year-old Ethan has slept anywhere he can over the last 12 months, dossing in an industrial unit where he worked and even camping out in the woods. As the weather worsens, he manages to get into emergency accommodation, sleeping on the floor of one of the hostels. Last summer Raymond said he would be indoors by Christmas but nothing has changed, and he’s still living on the streets.

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