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BBC – Canvey: The Promised Island (2018)

BBC Canvey The Promised Island

Europe’s largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has lived in Stamford Hill, London, since the late 1800s. But with rents soaring, they are on the move. This film follows the Hasidic community as some of them embark on their biggest exodus since World War II. They have chosen the most unexpected place, Canvey Island, on the River Thames estuary, one of the five most pro-Brexit wards in Britain.

In 2013 the island was voted the most English place in Britain. The ultra-Orthodox Hasid spend most of their time in prayer or studying the 613 commandments of their holy book, the Torah. Renowned as a tight-knit and insular community, for the first time in decades they are looking to put down roots in the new ‘promised Island’. Both the Hasid and the Canvey Islanders are aware of the challenges of integration, let alone finding reliable deliveries of ultra kosher food.

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