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BBC – Britains Secrets With Anne Robinson (2016) 1of3 Parenting Secrets

Britains Secrets with Anne Robinson 1of3 Parenting Secrets
Britain’s Secrets with Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson presents a three-part series delving into different areas of contemporary British life. AKA: Anne Robinson’s Britain

BBC - Britains Secrets With Anne Robinson (2016) Part 1: Parenting Secrets
In this first episode, Anne enters the lives and homes of British families to find out about the rights and wrongs of 21st-century parenting. There has never been so much choice, advice and criticism on the way children should be brought up, so Anne sets out to get under the skin of some of the radically different approaches, from an attachment mother who breastfeeds her toddlers and homeschools her children, to a career mum who misses out on some of the most significant moments in her children’s lives.

BBC - Britains Secrets With Anne Robinson (2016) Part 2: Pet Secrets
In this episode, she meets like-minded people from all walks of life with strong views about their pets, from a horsey socialite to a homeless dog owner, and asks this nation of animal obsessives: ‘what’s the point of your pet?’ Her journey takes her behind the curtains of British homes and reveals just how eccentric we are when it comes to our pets. From the Magnificats, seven London cats with 1.4 million Facebook fans, to the lady whose rabbits helped her through her divorce, Anne examines whether a pet can ever be more than a pet and looks at what our love of our four-legged friends says about us.

BBC - Britains Secrets With Anne Robinson (2016) Part 3: Body Image Secrets
Anne explores body image among the younger generation, investigating whether they are under more pressure to look good than ever before. She meets make-up addicts who spend more time getting ready for a night out than on the night itself, a couple of gym obsessives in pursuit of social media followers and a young man going under the knife in the hope that one day he will be `perfect’. She also meets some people who could not care less about how they look – including naturists happy to let it all hang out, and a young comedian speaking out against body shaming – and asks outspoken actress Miriam Margoyles for her thoughts on the subject.

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