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BBC – Britains Oldest Family Businesses (2014) 2of3

Hidden Histories Britains Oldest Family Businesses 2of3
This three-part series reveals the extraordinary history of three of Britain’s longest-running family businesses. Few businesses last beyond two generations, but against the odds, the families in this series have survived in business for more than three centuries.They’ve come through more than 50 recessions, the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars, and the rise of internet shopping.

BBC - Britains Oldest Family Businesses (2014) Part 1: Balson Butchers
Today Richard Balson, 56, can trace his ancestry right back to Robert Balson during the reign of Henry-VIII in an unbroken line, giving his shop the right to call itself the oldest family-run business in Britain – and perhaps the world.

BBC - Britains Oldest Family Businesses (2014) Part 2: Toye the Medal Maker
Fiona Toye married into a family that has been making regalia for generations, including OBEs for the royal family. The film follows Fiona as she steers this traditional company through the 21st century

BBC - Britains Oldest Family Businesses (2014) Part 3: Durtnell the Builder
Kent-based R Durtnell and Sons, who’ve been builders since the time of Elizabeth I. Over the last 400 years, the Durtnells have worked in wood, brick, steel and glass, and built country estates, council estates, town houses and cottages. They are Britain’s oldest family building business, and properties built by their ancestors as far back as the 1590s are still standing to this day.

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