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BBC – Britain’s Lost Masterpieces: Series 1 (2016) 1of3 Swansea

BBC Britains Lost Masterpieces Collection 1 1of7 Swansea
Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1
Historian and art dealer Dr Bendor Grosvenor, art historian Jacky Klein and Emma Dabiri celebrate the UK’s local art treasures as they track down lost and hidden paintings from local museums and galleries.

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 1: Swansea
The Swansea museum store contains everything from a stuffed pigeon to a police car, but can Bendor and Jacky reveal a multimillion-pound lost masterpiece that will not only become a jewel of Swansea museum’s collection, but also rewrite art history?

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 2: Aberdeenshire
Haddo House is one of Britain’s most northerly stately homes. Tucked away in the wilds of Aberdeenshire, it has been home to prime ministers and earls – but is it also home to some of Scotland’s greatest lost paintings? Nearby, in the storerooms of the Montrose Museum lies a mystery painting with a giant hole in it.

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 3: Belfast
Bendor and Jacky visit the Ulster Museum to investigate what have long been disregarded as low-value copies of works by Flemish artist Peter Breughel the Younger. They also visit the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont, in which a controversial painting once slashed with a knife is now kept in a room away from public view.

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 4: Glasgow
Dr Bendor Grosvenor and Emma Dabiri travel to Glasgow to investigate a long lost picture of one of the most famous gay men in history, possibly painted by one of the most famous artists in history. The subject of the painting is none other than George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, who was the gay lover of James VI of Scotland

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 5: Derby
Along with a hippo skeleton, a stuffed hedgehog and a log boat, Derby Museum has the best collection of Joseph Wright of Derby paintings in the world. Wright of Derby is one of the greatest English artists who ever lived. He painted the most astounding ‘birth of science’ scenes, his landscapes and portraits are exquisite and he was inspired by the Industrial Revolution.

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 6: Carmarthenshire
Carmarthenshire County Museum is a slice of history in itself. The building that houses it has been in continuous use since the 13th century. Once a bishop’s palace, it was where the Bible was first translated into Welsh. But could it also be home to some mysterious cases of mistaken identity and two lost paintings from the time of Charles II?

BBC - Britains Lost Masterpieces: Collection 1 (2016-2017) Part 7: Arbroath
Hospitalfield House in the fishing town of Arbroath on Scotland’s east coast is a Victorian treasure trove. The couple who owned this great house back in the 19th century were obsessed with the decorative arts and Hospitalfield is full of ornate carved ceilings, sculpted fireplaces, exquisite plasterwork and stonework carved by master masons.

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